שלט לתצוגה אלחוטית למשרד

מק"ט: LP180 קטגוריה:

This wireless remote is powerful with secure Powerpoint pointers. can help you run a presentation smoothly like a wizard.

Comfortable to hold and small enough to move around with.

Operating on a 2.4G RF frequency, it controls wirelessly, allowing you to move freely and communicate with your audience or students, even in the largest rooms.

Support for hyperlinks, pressing the function is the same as pressing the tab on the keyboard. Double-clicking the function is the same as pressing Enter on the keyboard. Also supports full screen / ESC, black screen, volume control and more.


לפי צבע


  • טווח לייזר: 200M
  • טווח שליטה: 100M
  • תדר: 2.4GHz
  • מה באריזה: שלט לתצוגה אלחוטית למשרד (ללא סוללות)
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שלט לתצוגה אלחוטית למשרד